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Is that the end for 75 million men? Construction manager on the sidelines, as MEPs call for a debate

Jeff Fairburn, Chief Executive of Persimmon, was bumped into the Commons for his £ 75m bonus

Jeff Fairburn, Chief Executive of Persimmon, was bumped into the Commons for his £ 75m bonus

Jeff Fairburn, Chief Executive of Persimmon, was bumped into the Commons for his £ 75m bonus

Pressure on Persimmons boss Jeff Fairburn rose last night when the deputies blew up the bad homeowner treatment of the customers.

Kate Green told MEPs that their members were "pushed aside" by the company after complaining that their newly built homes were flawed with serious deficiencies.

The Labor MP also raised concerns over the 75 million bonus from Chief Executive Fairburn, saying, "He does not hurt his company's reputation, and he accepts these huge profits if the company does not seem to be meeting his clients' needs. "

The comments came when Green, representing Stretford and Urmston in the Greater Manchester area, called for a parliamentary debate over the introduction of stricter regulations for home builders.

The decision to single out Fairburn increases the pressure on the 52-year-old while fighting for his job.

The mail revealed last weekend that Persimmon chairman Roger Devlin and other directors are discussing the future of Fairburn to repair the company's ailing reputation.

Fairburn's handling of the controversy over his bonus should have seriously considered the board, especially if he left a television interview after being asked about the salary package.

It also turns out that housing minister Kit Malthouse and a group of Persimmon clients have recently met with construction company bosses to discuss concerns over real estate sold to them.

Malthouse described it as "a constructive but sometimes heated meeting," adding that "Persimmon executives have a clear view of their customers' dissatisfaction."

Green spoke to Parliament's Business Committee, saying that the Persimmon customers had moved into the houses to find dangerous unfinished electrical equipment, baseboards and railings that were not fixed, and gardens in a sea of ​​mud.

"Not only were they dissatisfied with the quality of the processing when they moved in, they were also very worried when they contacted Persimmon to address these shortcomings," she said.

"It is really painful for people who have worked hard and saved enough to be in a position where their first home turns out to be a nightmare for them.

"It would be a real opportunity for us as parliamentarians to work for hundreds, maybe thousands, of voters affected by this kind of bad treatment, which is a really important, valuable and happy experience for the people."

She added, "There is particular indignation and political interest in Persimmon because the chief executive has just received a £ 75 million bonus."

Green said last night that Fairburn's massive salary package and its management of the situation further damaged Persimmon's reputation.

"People who have had bad experiences with Persimmon will think, how can it be correct that the Chief Executive leaves with £ 75 million?

"It's one law for the rich and another for them."

A spokesperson for Persimmon said, "The vast majority of our new home sales are completed to the customer's satisfaction, but sometimes problems arise.

In recent years, we have focused more on the quality of our customer service and are making noticeable progress.

"Persimmon and the new household industry in general have significantly improved product quality in recent years.

"The industry has been under pressure to increase demand, and Persimmon has done more than most of its peers, increasing production by more than 60 percent over the past five years.

"Unfortunately, there were cases where some of our new homes could not be delivered to their original destination, but we have worked to improve our performance in this area with positive results."


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