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Is the boiled potato diet healthy?

The issue of weight loss concerns many people, prompting specialists to think about diets that will help overcome this problem.

Most cooks do not like to repeat the same meals constantly so they do not get away with them, even though they are rich in many useful and healthy ingredients.

A television program in the UK was named "How do you manage to lose weight?", In which many people who seek to lose weight by watching and under the supervision of nutritionists participated.

Among the participants was a girl named Caroline who followed a unique diet limited to eating potatoes for a whole week, according to the newspaper "Confedencial" Spanish.

The purpose of this diet is to make the body only receive potatoes for six consecutive days, provided it is not fried, where the person eat potatoes cooked or boiled or baked in the oven or mashed in breakfast, lunch and dinner. As a result, Caroline managed to lose six kilograms in just one week.

But this raises many questions about the effectiveness of the existing diet only on boiled potatoes, as well as to consider the possibility of restoring Caroline normal weight if you return to eat the meals that used to before the diet.

There are other examples. American actor Kevin Smith followed the potato diet for two consecutive weeks, then put some other foods in his diet like steamed steamed vegetables only in the first place.

Australia's Andrew Flinders Taylor managed to break a record by following a potato diet for a whole year, making him manage to lose 50 kilos. Andrew emphasized that mixing ordinary boiled potatoes with another kind of sweet potato is just enough to take calcium supplements to supply the body with the nutrients it needs.

Andrew continued to exercise after the first month of the diet without any physical activity. During the second month, the Australian cycled for an hour and a half on a daily basis and continued to do so for a year, enabling him to lose 50 kg.

Lack of calories
The potato diet is generally based on a diet characterized by very low calories. The burning of more calories than those we consume is a recurring issue in all types of diets when it comes to losing extra weight.

It is worth noting that the potato diet adheres to this rule, the number of calories we consume during the days when we eat only potatoes, very low.

Potatoes are foods rich in fiber and carbohydrates, and contain essential vitamins and minerals such as vitamin C and potassium.

Potatoes alone only give the body nutrients, but it makes the body lacks some of the nutrients available in other foods.

Although Caroline has successfully achieved her goal and lost weight with this low-calorie diet, she can regain her weight and gain more pounds when she stops dieting and returns to her old diet.

The newspaper noted that the acquisition of excess weight again is because the body is accustomed during the days of diet slow the process of metabolism. When a person returns to the previous diet, the body finds itself unable to burn all the necessary calories, so the fat accumulates.

The diet does not contradict the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčeating potatoes in different ways, but we can not eat French fries or potato chips because these types are pre-cooked and are saturated with oil and not always good quality, and they contain a lot of salt and preservatives Which we must avoid.

We conclude by stressing that the experts confirmed that the potato diet is not good at the level of health, and the real solution is to follow a balanced diet and include all groups of food from carbohydrates, fats and proteins, and provide the body with dietary fiber, minerals and vitamins.


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