Is the end of FC “Ventspils”? The club withdraws from the Premier League championship

On June 19, SIA “Futbola klubs” Ventspils “” informed LFF about the withdrawal of the team from further participation in the “Optibet” Super League 2021 season championship. The decision is based on the inability to provide further funding and maintenance for the team.

LFF reports that the game between “Metta” and “Ventspils” teams scheduled for Monday, June 21, has been canceled. The updated calendar of the next games of the championship will be published soon.

In view of the team’s withdrawal from the championship, a rule of the competition rules has come into force, which stipulates the following: if the club has played less than 50% of the scheduled number of games, the club’s results will be annulled and will not be taken into account. In such cases, warnings and goals scored in games against the team withdrawing from the championship will be void.

“This week we met with the representatives of the club and the head coach to discuss the current situation inside the club. After this season’s events in and around the club we understand that the overall situation is more than complicated. The majority shareholders of the club have not entered into an open dialogue with LFF. We understand the shareholders and the representatives of the municipality that in their view the most realistic scenario of the club’s renewal is to suspend professional activities with the aim to return to the Latvian adult club football system from the lower leagues in the near future. , “said LFF President Vadim Lashenko.

“We have received indications from the representatives of the municipality that the city’s youth football system will not suffer from these changes,” Lashenko comments on the situation. “We would like to emphasize once again that Ventspils football and its contribution to Latvian football is much more than the dishonest actions of some individuals. Their actions have had serious consequences for the city, the championship, players and fans. The people who are responsible for them have nothing to do with what Ventspils football really is and how important it is in the history of Latvian football. We believe that in the future Ventspils professional football will return to its heights. “

It has already been reported that the Latvian football club “Ventspils” has been disqualified from European club tournaments until the 2027/2028 season.

The penalties were adopted following an investigation supervised by the Association of European Football Federations (UEFA) into indications of the impact on match results and related activities in a number of international matches in the 2018/2019 and 2019/2020 Eurocup seasons.

Meanwhile, the president of “Ventspils” club Adlans Šišhanovs has been disqualified for life, but the director of sports Nikolajs Djakins – for four years. UEFA has demanded that the International Federation of Football Federations (FIFA) extend worldwide disqualifications to Shishhanov and Dykin.

The club and its officers have been disqualified for engaging in fraud, attempting to engage in fraud, active or passive bribery, and / or corruption. The club has violated the UEFA statutes, as well as the principles of ethics, reliability, honesty and sporting conduct.

The club has also violated the principle that prevents a person from illegally influencing the results of the game and / or competition, gaining any advantage for himself or a third party. There is also a breach of the principle prohibiting direct or indirect participation in betting or other similar activities and financial gain from such activities.

The club has been disqualified by the UEFA Control, Ethics and Disciplinary Committee for the next seven seasons, including the 2027/2028 season. Unlike Shishhanov, Dykin is not penalized for participating directly or indirectly in betting or other similar activities, so he has a shorter disqualification period.

UEFA has also applied a ten-year disqualification to Russian referee Sergei Lapochkin, who has not reported an attempt to influence the outcome of the UEFA Europa League match on July 26, 2018 with the participation of the Latvian team “Ventspils”.

“Ventspils” took the fourth place in the Super League last year and for the first time since 1998 did not qualify for the Eurocups. The Kurzeme club, which was struggling with financial problems, had won six points in 13 games this season and took eighth place in the competition of nine clubs.

Leading the tournament with 35 points in 14 matches is RFS, but 32 points in 14 and 15 fights are for “Valmiera” and “Riga” teams. With 21 points in 13 fights, the fourth is “Liepāja”, but the fifth place with 20 points is taken by “Daugavpils”. Next, with 13 points earned in 14 games, Jūrmala “Spartaks” and nine – “Metta” follow, six points in 13 games are “Ventspils”, but the tournament table with four points in ten matches is closed by “Noah Jurmala”.

This year’s Premier League champion will be determined in a four-round tournament, with 28 games for each team. The calendar is designed to be as convenient as possible for football fans. The games will hardly overlap, and the rounds will mostly be played in two to three days.

Following a temporary decision by the CAS, the LFF Board made changes to the competition rules, which now provide that in the event of eight clubs participating in the championship, the last place team will meet with the team that takes third place in the Optibet Future League Championship. If there are nine clubs in the championship, the team that finishes last will meet the team that finishes second in the Optibet Futures League championship.

Also this season, football fans can watch all Latvian championship games live. They are available on the Premier League website and portal “”, as well as on the “ TV” channel.

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