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Is the Friends series homophobic, grossophobic and sexist?

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For 10 years, the characters of Rachel, Monica, Phoebe, Chandler, Joey and Ross made laugh the United States and the whole world. Few have not seen at least one episode of this cult series that has marked an entire generation. However, when we look at it with our eyes today, we realize that some scenes do not pass as well as at the time. This is explained The Independent who devotes an article to the subject.

Homophobic valves
In one episode, Ross does not support the idea that his daughter’s nanny is a man. According to him, the man, if he is nanny, can only be gay. According to who translated the article, Chandler can also be homophobic by making fun of the fact that Joey has a pink pillow. ” If you continue like this, you will find yourself soon with fingers in your thing! “, he explains, “Chandler also refuses physical contact from men because he is afraid of not being “manly enough” .

The character of Monica, in her youth, was fat. “She is still eating, she is not smart and is dragging her feet” , analyzes the journalist The Independent for whom Monica embodies all the stereotypes of overweight people ” when she’s not even fat In Friends, the idea is that if she had not lost weight, she would never have found love and would never have been happy.


The Cosmopolitan explained a year ago that, for Joey, “every woman is a conquest before being a human being” . In several episodes, he considers women as objects, compares them to food. He sees in them only a way to have sex. As Slate explains, Ross, for his part, prevents his wife Rachel from getting a tattoo while each woman has the right to dispose of her body as she wishes. He is ultra possessive and prevents him from concentrating on his career.

Lack of diversity

This is one of the remarks often addressed to the Hollywood film industry and, by extension, to the American series: most of them highlight only white characters. Even though there are exceptions, this is still the case for many American productions today. In the 236 episodes in the series, only 2 people were non-white.

Do you agree with the critics?

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