Is the Latvian-Estonian border threatened? Preparing Pskov airport for the transit of illegal refugees

Now that it is becoming increasingly difficult for illegal migrants from the Middle East to enter Poland from Belarus, a new route through Russia is being developed. The European Commission’s confidential document “Situation Report: Migration and the Situation with Refugees”, which was made available to Die Welt, states that in the near future Pskov Airport, which is only a few tens of kilometers (60-80 km) from the Estonian-Latvian border, can play an important role in bringing illegal migrants to Europe.

The relatively small Pskov airport can be added to the list of routes used by illegal migrants to enter the European Union.

Consequently, Latvia may also have to think about building a barbed wire fence not only on the border with Belarus, but also with Russia.

It should be mentioned here that a week ago, Estonia started to build an additional barbed wire fence on the border with Russia, as it is expected that refugees will appear from Pskov.

Pskov Airport is named after Princess Olga:

“Pskov Airport can accommodate flights from Belarus, Turkey and Egypt. There, migrants can try to cross the Estonian-Latvian border illegally to travel to Northern and Western Europe, ”says the European Commission’s Situation Report: Migration and the Situation with Refugees.

At present, Pskov Airport is used only for domestic and military flights, but it can also accommodate large international flights.

Pskov Airport:

“Several weeks ago we received information that Pskov Airport wants to be opened to international air traffic. Namely, Pskov Airport, like several other Russian airports, has requested permission to operate international flights to and from Belarus, Turkey and Egypt, ”the Estonian portal quoted Egert Belicev, head of the Estonian Police and Border Guard Department.

He continues: “In September, Russia announced the resumption of several routes following the Covid-19 restrictions, and several smaller airports were again allowed to fly to holiday destinations in Egypt and Turkey. It is likely that Pskov Airport will also serve charter flights to the most popular Russian tourist destinations, which have not been available from Pskov so far.

We are closely monitoring the situation with regard to air traffic in neighboring countries in order to respond appropriately to migration risks if necessary. At the moment, however, this does not create additional migration tensions in Estonia. ”

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