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Many wonder if there is a LINK of the Social Food Bonus Peru 2022 or if you already know the beneficiaries y any billing schedule or consultation with DNI. In this note, we will tell you all the details of the new State subsidy.

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LINK Food Bonus Peru 2022: what is it and how will the Government help

The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) warned that 15 million Peruvians would be at risk of food safety.

After that signal, and in agreement with the Minister of the Economy, Óscar Graham, a Social Food Bonus Peru 2022. Likewise, according to El Comercio, the Government would reach 6.5 million families with economic aid.

He said that this fund of S/ 2,000 million will be part of a broader package of budgetary measures that will be presented to Congress through a bill, which has already been approved by the Council of Ministers.

How will the government help in the face of the food crisis?

However, you should know that the new subsidy will be part of two helps prepared by the Executive.

  • first aid: double the funds to the common pots and popular dining rooms.
  • second aid: and Social food bonus during the second half of 2022.

Óscar Graham, Minister of the Economy, said that the amount of the 2022 Food Bonus will be less than S / 500.

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LINK Peru Food Bonus 2022: Who are the beneficiaries?

The social subsidy will be aimed at covering the increase in basic consumption basket to the lower-income sectors, as part of the entire strategy that the Executive will deploy in Peru, in the face of the food crisis.

About who would be the beneficiaries, the holder of the MEF He clarified that this recent subsidy will be focused on the populations and segments that need it most and with low economic resources.

Is the list of beneficiaries of the new food voucher known?

The head of the MEF, Óscar Graham, stated that the Ministry of Development and Social Inclusion (MIDIS) is working on updating the list of beneficiaries so that the food voucher truly reaches those who need it.

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Food bonus 2022: Is there an official LINK and a consultation schedule with DNI?

The Executive has not published a LINK official of QUERY with DNI, minus a schedule. However, the authorities are expected to make a statement in the coming weeks.

“The payment schedule will be announced in the coming days by the Ministry of Development and Social Inclusion,” Graham emphasized at a press conference this Friday, June 24.

It is important to note that if you find any link of the food bonus 2022 it’s false. So you musttake care at the time of doing CLICK on any link.

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