Is the “price reduction tide” of graphics cards finally here? Surprised to see the price of RTX 3080 plummeted by 35% in one day

(Image source/Nvidia)

In the past year or two, due to the supply chain shortage caused by the mining boom and Covid-19, it is difficult to find a GPU graphics card, and consumers have also faced prices far exceeding the official scalper price. The volatility of the cryptocurrency shows that card prices are gradually returning to normal, and Australia has seen a 35% drop overnight.

Tech YouTube Channel《Hardware Unboxed》It was found that the price of the Asus GeForce RTX 3080 TUF Gaming OC sold in Australia plummeted by 35% in one day. It was originally 2299 Australian dollars (about 48,429 yuan), and it dropped to 1499 Australian dollars (about 31,577 yuan) in just one night, the first time in history. A drop of this magnitude could suggest that prices are starting to unwind.

《3DCenter》The website found that the current price of the top-spec NVIDIA RTX 3090 graphics card is only 1,999 euros (about 62,502 yuan), although it is still a bit more expensive than the official price, but it is the lowest record since August 2021. It was speculated in May last year. To 3,199 euros (about 100,474 yuan) almost double the original price.

According to the foreign media “wccftech”, NVIDIA has informed some cooperation channels that some GPU manufacturing costs will be reduced by 8-12% to give back to consumers. In addition, NVIDIA has previously confirmed that the next-generation RTX 40 series graphics cards will continue to be sold after the market. RTX 30 is regarded as good news that graphics cards can be reduced in price. In addition, as major graphics card manufacturers begin to limit the mining capacity of GPUs, scalpers and retailers seem to be gradually starting to sell off their existing inventory at low prices.

Foreign media suggested that if there is a need to buy a graphics card, it is strongly recommended to wait a little longer! The global price reduction trend is obvious, and there is finally a chance to return to the official suggested selling price. Coupled with the reduction in mining demand, it may be possible to buy second-hand mining equipment. In addition, Intel is about to release its first discrete graphics card, and the market will have more choices.

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