Is the situation of Asturias with the AVE a comparative offense with respect to other parts of Spain? | BE Gijón | The Window of Asturias

The Minister of Transport will participate on Monday in the first test trip of the Variante de Pajares. It is the first with passengers, 20 people, including Raquel Sánchez and Adrián Barbón. The tests will last for months before the definitive opening to rail traffic, with a date yet to be determined. What is already completely clear is that high speed will not penetrate Asturias beyond Lena. This has been confirmed by the minister herself, who hides behind technical reports that establish that it would be much more expensive to take her to Oviedo and Gijón for the little time that is saved.

Is it a comparative grievance compared to other AVEs or a way to complete an eternal work while ignoring the costly whim of some political forces?

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