is the TV movie with Tomer Sisley inspired by a true story?

After the success of five seasons of Balthazarand a striking conclusion, Tomer Sisley returns to TF1 in a new TV movie. This Monday, March 20 from 9:10 p.m., you can discover it in Like my son (our opinion), where he plays Victor, a small-time robber whose life will be turned upside down by the unexpected arrival of a child. In the heart of the 1990s, Victor and little Charlie, 6, are going on the run (discover the filming locations) after a burglary that went wrong. Is this fiction inspired by a true story?

Like my son : Is the TV movie based on a true story?

The TV movie Like my son is an adaptation of the book The child of the horse, by Jean-Marie Drouet and Ludovic Guittet (who confided in Télé-Loisirs), published in 2018 by Michel Lafon editions. And this story does not come out of the imagination of the authors since it is an autobiographical story. In the early 1980s, Jean-Marie Drouet saw a young woman and her son Ludovic arrive at his home, whom she left behind overnight, in the good care of Jean-Marie. “Jean-Marie went home, he found me with my biological mother. Then she left to run errands and she never came back. Then we went on the run and there were a few robberies, especially at the start. Afterwards, he met Joëlle and it faded“, told us Ludovic Guittet. But in the mid-1980s, Jean-Marie was caught by the police and put in prison.

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Like my son : what happened to the protagonists of the true story?

After Jean-Marie’s arrest, “I was taken care of by social assistance, and they started placing me here and there for a weekend with my biological mother, forcing me psychologically“, explained Ludovic to us. After years of keeping in touch as much as possible, between Jean-Marie’s prison sentences and his releases, the latter and Ludovic were able to see each other again from 2002 onwards.”From 2002, we saw each other very regularly, he was no longer stupid, it was over. Jean-Marie was a real father but also a real grandpa for my three daughters whom he cherished. He was present for the births. He was installed in the Drôme in Saint-Paul-lès-Romans. We saw each other at least once a year and called each other very often.“, told us Ludovic. Jean-Marie Drouet died in 2021 before the start of filming. “I had a double outlet, one through writing and one through imaging in this fiction. I feel at peace today, and that’s the most important thing“, told us Ludovic, specifying “I am very happy for my daughters because the TV movie will leave them with beautiful memories and a historical family root.

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