Is there a more important topic as the climate ?

Is there a more important topic as the climate ?


They are already in their second warning : in 1992, some 1,700 scientists had joined forces to call on humanity to care for the environment and were concerned that it might push ecosystems beyond their limits. 25 years later, they are 15 000 to grow a new cry of alarm in the journal BioScience, published in French by The World. Since 1992, they write,, “not just humanity, has failed to make sufficient progress to address these environmental challenges announced, but it is very disturbing to see that most of them are greatly aggravated”. emphasis : “It will soon be too late to deviate from our path doomed to failure”.

A topic desperately little present in the public debate in terms of its severity, underscores the belgian cartoonist Pierre Kroll in this image.

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