Is this the best Fortnite player in the world? The numbers say: Yes

Is this the best Fortnite player in the world?  The numbers say: Yes

Who is more intense with Fortnite busy and looking for the best player in the world, the well-known streamer Ninja does not pass. But if you think Ninja is the player with the most epic victories, you’re wrong. In fact, there is another Fortnite: Battle Royale player, who has much more impressive stats on his PC. Svennos could be the best Fortnite player in the world.
Can you still remember your first epic victory? How was it? Have you built an impressive fortress and turned off your enemies from a safe height? Or have you been hiding in a bush for 15 minutes while your last opponent just crept by?
Either way – Fortnite: Battle Royale is not least so popular because there are many ways and means to succeed. In addition to these planned strategies, however, there are always random moments that end a lap faster than you would like.
Sven “Svennoss” Edelenbosch – picture source:
If you look at these random factors, the statistics of a certain Sven Edelenbosch are all the more impressive. For the Dutchman living in Sweden, who also streams on Twitch under the name Svennoss, is currently leading the overall ranking of epic victories in solo mode on the PC ,
With currently 2,320 victories, he has collected 35 more than the well-known streamer Ninja – but required an incredible 2,000 games less, namely only about 5,000.
Who is this Svennoss anyway?
As a teenager, Edelenbosch was infatuated with console shooters like Halo or Call of Duty. Only later Svennoss changed the platform with the PC and devoted himself to games like ArmA, H1Z1 or PUBG.
Finally, he found in Fortnite a new favorite game. He is all the more pleased to be at the top of a game with such a huge player base as he revealed in an interview with PCGamer.
In his games Svennoss is subject to the same random factors as we are. He has to deal with bad loot or has bad luck with the storm. But Edelenbosch does not discourage that.

This is reflected in the numbers. In the solo section alone, Svennoss has an absurdly high win rate of 63% , That does not mean less, as the Edelbosch wins more than every other game. The fact that the player can show a K / D of just under 20 gets almost a marginal note.
Here Svennos has just won 6 games in a row.
On request, Svennoss also has tips for the normal mortal players among us!

The tips of probably the best Fortnite player in the world: Build, build, build!
You will have heard this more often, but it is still up to date. According to Svennoss, building accounts for “90% of the game.”
If you do not know how to get a player out of your fortress or if you basically can not achieve a height advantage, you should work on it. Who does not use the Baumodus to his advantage, it will have a hard time.

Where should one land?
When asked where Svennoss prefers to land, the player calls Greasy Grove a top priority. Depending on the trajectory of the battleship but also Salty Springs or Dusty Depot come into question. Especially Dusty Depot offers, according to Svennoss, as shots from all directions are easy to hear.

More tips from the player with the most wins? Learn Feint!
Who is overrun by an opponent, has different possibilities. So you can easily build two stairs in the direction of the attacker and face it – or you build on the other side of two stairs and let the attacker about your exact position in the dark.
Learn ways to outsmart and outsmart your opponent. Many players underestimate the fall damage that enemy players can take when the ground is shot away under their feet.

Depending on the height of your own fortress, fighting in this way is easy for you. Granted – all this is easier said than done. If you hide anxiously in your bush and watch the last surviving players in an epic positional war, you will probably come up with the last sparkling idea.
There is no way around it – without the perfect mastery of the construction mode, you will sooner or later be stuck, especially since the average level of the players is not diminished by increasing experience.
And what about the consoles?
Svennoss undoubtedly dominates the charts on the PC. But also on the consoles capable players are on the way. The well-known streamer AlexRamiGaming leads on the Playstation 4 with fantastic 2.900 victories. His win rate, however, is behind that of Svennoss.
After all, AlexRamiGaming needed just under 1,500 more matches for this number of victories. According to Fortnitetracker, the Italian player Terry 5L dominates on the XBox One with 2,700 victories. Even Terry 5L needed only about 4,700 games for this house number.
With Svennoss Terry 5L is difficult to compare. Unlike Edelenbosch Terry plays almost exclusively the team mode for 4 players.
What do you think of the player Svennoss? Who would like to see a battle between him and Ninja?
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