Is this the coach who will replace Mario Gomez at Arema FC? All pages

MALANG, – Mario Gomez’s future replacement coach puzzle at Arema FC starts at a strong. A number of directions provided by management and coaching staff refer to several names.

Since the departure of Mario Gomez, a number of names have been linked with Arema FC.

Most widely there is the name of the former Borneo FC coach, Edson Tavares.

Furthermore, there are two Singo Edan legends who are now coaches, Franco Hitta and Esteban Guillen.

However, the management provided a new coach code not in the above list because the new Arema FC skipper has never had a career in Indonesia.

“I just opened it, he is a foreign coach and has never played in Indonesia,” said Ruddy Widodo, General Manager of Arema FC.

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The second clue is that the coach is from Latin America.

This speculation was reinforced by the statement of Ruddy Widodo who said that his philosophy was not much different from Mario Gomez.

He also gave the code, that Arema FC is currently changing the direction of coach of Eastern Europe or Balkan countries to coach of Latin America.

Meanwhile, the last clue is that this mysterious figure once coached the Asian team.

On the other hand, Arema FC goalkeeping coach, Felipe Americo, gave more specific instructions.

He said the new coach of Arema FC came from Brazil and claimed to have a close relationship with Brazilian legend Pele. Rahayu After a 5-month holiday due to the termination of the competition due to the corona virus pandemic, Arema FC trained in preparation for the continuation of League 1 2020 at Kanjuruhan Stadium, Malang Regency, East Java, Monday (03/08/2020) afternoon.

Of all the coaches who are reportedly close to Arema FC, the most suitable name based on these clues is Carlos Carvalho de Oliveira.

Carlos Oliveira is the former coach of the Vietnam League team, BECAMEX Binh Duong FC.

Carvalho de Oliveira is a coach with many careers in Brazil and the United States, both as a coach, assistant, and talent scout.

Most strikingly, he was the assistant coach of the Bolivian national team in the 2004-2005 World Cup qualifiers.


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