Is Vincent Niclo the Husky on Mask Singer? Internet Users Suspect and Investigate

While the final of Mask Singer will take place this Friday, June 2, our Belgian colleagues from Sud Info asked Vincent Niclo if, as Internet users suspect, he is hiding well under the Husky costume.

It’s the weekend of all the finals on TF1! While the faithful of The Voice will finally know the name of the big winner of the season this Saturday, they will attend the day before the final episode of Mask Singer. Who of the Husky, the Biche or the Camel will win the competition? For the time being, the investigation continues concerning the candidates hidden under the costumes. Big names have already been unmasked, such as Martin Lamotte, who was hiding behind the Vulture, the singer Zaho, who had taken on the features of the Witchor even Mel B, former star of the Spice Girls who wore the costume of the Sun.

As for the last four candidates to be unmasked, Internet users already have their idea. While the identity of the Camel still gives viewers a hard time, viewers are sure to have recognized an ex from Star Academy under the Biche et a famous singer under the Husky. The latter would be none other than Vincent Niclo, who recently regretted not getting enough television.

Vincent Niclo tries to launch a false track

While the grand finale of Mask Singer will take place in a few hours, our Belgian neighbors of Sud Info asked the question directly to Vincent Niclo. When the latter asked him if it was indeed him under the Husky, the 48-year-old singer denied and tried to mislead reporters. “Everyone tells me that! I think he’s more of a Canadian singer, right?he launched at first, before adding: “Even if it was me, I wouldn’t be allowed to tell you!“. A way to confirm half-word?

In any case, Internet users have no doubts a few hours away from finally having the heart net. “The Husky is 853.5% Vincent Niclo”, “Vincent Niclo is the Husky. The clues really stick”, “It’s clearly Vincent Niclo he was quoted in addition I don’t understand why no one found it“, “Yeah well it’s good it’s Vincent Niclo as much for me“, many of them commented on the last issue of Mask Singer. Response very soon!

2023-06-02 16:55:29

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