Is Will Smith Cancellation Ending? Paramount wants her to star in a new movie from one of the directors of ‘Ms. Marvel’

Between allegedly unfair dismissals, little African-American mermaids and deceased authors turning over in their graves we had almost forgotten what half a year ago promised to be the great controversy of 2022. Yes, I’m talking about the slap that Will Smith gave Chris Rock in the middle of the Oscars ceremony and that has cost the former Prince of Bel-Air more than one dislike.

The post-slap era

Since “The Slap” occurred – that’s what they call the incident in the US -, It seems that Smith’s career has been frozen indefinitely after different studios such as Netflix or Sony canceled the projects that the interpreter had underway; including sequels to franchises like ‘Bright 2’ or ‘Two Rebel Cops 4’. But this dynamic seems that, finally, it could break.

As Deadline reports, Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy, director of ‘Ms. Marvel’ and winner of four Emmys and two Oscars for her short documentaries ‘A Girl in the River: The Price of Forgiveness’ and ‘Saving Face’ is working on the fiction feature film ‘Brilliance’; a Paramount Pictures production that will adapt Marcus Sakey’s novel and that has been an obsession for will smith for a long time.

At the moment Smith is only listed as producer along with Akiva Goldsman, with whom he shaped ‘I, robot’, ‘I am legend’ and ‘Hancock’, but this could not be left here, since sources indicate that the study would be considering him to star in the film. In it, he would give life to Nick Cooper, a federal agent who works for the Department of Analysis and Response that seeks out and executes criminals who use their powers in a world where 1% of newborns have extraordinary abilities.

For now no production start dates —much less premiere— for ‘Brilliance’, but we will be aware of any news about it.

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