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Determining the winner of a fight

Compared to other martial arts, the winner of a fight is determined in advance. Accordingly, it is not the best fighter who wins, but the best athletic entertainer. A so-called creative team is also responsible for storytelling around the determination of the winner. This means that storylines are in the foreground in and around the ring, highlighting the wrestler’s character traits or bringing out interpersonal relationships. The whole thing serves to tie the viewer to the show, similar to soap operas.

Wrestling show is like a TV script

For every major WWE show, a script is written in which the schedule of the show is detailed. These include the fights, the winners of the fights, the course of the interviews, promo segments and fights taking place outside the ring.

Props to support entertainment

Anyone who thought that the champions could keep their well-known championship belts is wrong. They are props that have to be returned after the show. In addition, there is also a costume tailor on site who is on hand if storylines are rewritten or a wrestler needs an outfit at short notice.

Combat rehearsed like a dance choreography

The implementation of the fights is primarily choreographed. How much choreography and how much improvisation there is in a fight depends on the importance of the fight and the experience of the wrestlers involved. The more experienced a wrestler, the more improvisation there is. Absolute professionals only get the basics as choreography. Accordingly, creativity and spontaneity are also required.

In spite of rehearsed choreography, injuries can occur. In order to prevent them, absolute top form is required. That means: In addition to training, visits to the gym are a must, even before a fight. So the physical strain is just as real as it looks. In addition to fighting techniques, “falling” is also intensively practiced during training. In the fight later, the trick is to make the moves look brutal, while in the best case scenario no serious injuries occur – but the risk of injury cannot be ruled out. The hard ring base, which can be dangerous, is an additional risk of injury. What looks like soft landing mats on TV is actually a hard floor that just sways a little.

Acting and martial arts in one

In order to get the storylines across believably, good acting skills are required. The popularity of a wrestler is also extremely important. Whether cheering or booing, both reactions from the audience are essential supporters of the shows. Although the movements are scripted in wrestling, the physical effort is real. The aim is to have the best entertainment for the audience.

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