Ischia, was the hand of God | Massimo Gramellini’s Coffee

Repiloguing. The responsibility for what happened in Ischia is not in the least attributable to the first Conte government, says former premier Giuseppe Conte, given that the regulation he signed was entitled amnesty but, let me be clear, it was not a amnesty. It can’t even be the fault people who build where they shouldn’t (and they vote for whoever allows them to continue to do so). First, because it is in bad taste to pick on the victims. And then because the tragedy does not depend on building abuses, recalled the former mayor Giuseppe Conte, with the same name, pointing the finger at hydrogeological instability.

In Italy it works like this: who would have known what to do accuses who could have done it, who in turn accuses who, despite knowing, did nothing all the same. Citizens call the local authorities into question, the local authorities the central ones and the central ones Europe, which in some cases proves damned useful. The hypothesis that the responsibilities belong to many, even those who attribute them only to others, is not even taken into consideration. On the other hand, have you ever seen the guest of a talk change his opinion on Covid, war, migrants by a comma? All entrenched behind immutable convictions, all exclusive custodians of the Word, all guarantors with friends and hangers-on with enemies, who are always either dishonest or balls.

Let’s get over it: since everyone considers himself innocent, it could only have been the hand of God that made Ischia collapse.

November 29, 2022, 09:44 – edit November 29, 2022 | 10:04