Isidro 1952 workers in A Coruña ask for public resources for the continuity of the company | Radio Coruña

Union delegates of Isidro 1952, the old one Isidro de la Cal, have gathered this morning before the Council of A Coruña coinciding with the municipal plenary session to demand that the local government turn to the Xunta to take action on the situation the company is going through, now in the hands of a bankruptcy administrator.

Once the ERE, the dismissals of 166 workers and the reduction of the working conditions of those who remained, now it is time to influence the collection of wages. They have not been paid since mid-November and the situation is already dire. They go to work every other day. “They do not dye cartos nin for gasoline; they dye that they ask for help or relatives,” said the president of the works council, Olga Rodríguez. “Iso é o more painful,” he added.

Your case, the plenary session of the A Coruña City Council

They have attended the plenary session before the presentation of a motion of the BNG in which the nationalists ask that public resources be consigned to ensure the continuity of the fish farms and the warehouse located in the industrial estate of the Holy Spirit and the maintenance of jobs. The initiative has been approved with the votes in favor of all the groups, with the exception of the PP that has abstained.

The motion affects the bankruptcy in which what was an emblematic company within the scope of the marine industries in the port of A Coruña is immersed. According to the works council, Isidro 1952 has received public aid in the last two years, basically channeled through the IGAPE, for an amount of about 20 million euros.