WIRE INFO – Specialized in low-power electronic components, the Grenoble-based company Dolphin Integration was in receivership since July … until its acquisition announced this Tuesday, August 21. New owner: a joint venture owned 60% by Soitec, another isomer of the microelectronics industry, and 40% by MBDA, a group among the world leaders in missile design and manufacturing.

The acquisition of Dolphin integration by a joint venture owned 60% by Soitec and 40% by the missile MBDA was announced this Tuesday, August 21. White room Soitec Grenoble. © Soitec

Soitec clean room. © Soitec

" A strategic opportunity For the Soitec microelectronics company based in Bernin, in the Grésivaudan valley. " Access to the entire French and European arms industry For the MBDA missile giant. The company Meylan Dolphin Integration will not remain long without buyer. It is now 60% owned by Soitec and 40% owned by MBDA.

This specialist of low-energy micro-electronic components declared, on July 16, not having been able to to raise in time the funds necessary for the discharge of all its debts ". This cessation of payment had therefore resulted in a judicial reorganization initiated a week later by the Commercial Court of Grenoble.

However, " Soitec and MBDA are confident in their ability to rectify the financial situation of Dolphin Integration ", Says the joint press release of Tuesday, August 21.

A strategic acquisition

By injecting 6 million euros, the joint venture acquires most of the assets of Dolphin Integration and all of its 155 employees. This amount also helps to offset part of the debt and provide significant liquidity to Dolphin Integration, which has been running out of cash in recent times.

The acquisition of Dolphin integration by a joint venture owned 60% by Soitec and 40% by missile MBDA was announced this Tuesday, August 21.The headquarters of Soitec in Grenoble. © Soitec

The headquarters of Soitec. © Soitec

The acquisition owes nothing to chance. MBDA was already a major customer of Dolphin since 2004 for weapons-related applications. This will allow the missile intensify its industrial cooperation with Dolphin Integration ". And for Dolphin, the goal becomes " to advance its positions in the fields of aeronautics and defense ".

As for the company Iséroise Soitec, it is already active in electronic circuits with low consumption, through its silicon on insulator (SOI for "silicon on insulator" in English), an alternative to raw silicon processes. It thus absorbs the know-how of Dolphin Integration for " strengthen its patent offering and services dedicated to energy solutions for chip design [la conception de puces électroniques, ndlr] ".



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