Israel Dramatically Upgrades F-35 Stealth Fighter Jets to Attack Iran


Israel is carrying out a dramatic upgrade of its F-35 Adir stealth fighter jets to attack Iran’s nuclear sites. Photo/National Interest

TEL AVIV – For his ambition to attack nuclear sites Iran , Israel is doing upgrade dramatisterhadap F-35 Adir stealth fighter jet .

The advanced fighter jet will be made capable of carrying out combat missions to the Islamic Republic of Iran without requiring aerial refueling.

In addition, the F-35 Adir will also be made capable of carrying a new one-ton bomb payload without harm signature stealth radar.

Upgrade being run by the Israeli Air Force (IAF) is fueled by Iran’s ongoing nuclear program. The Jewish-majority nation has always feared that Tehran could produce a nuclear bomb that would eventually be used to attack Israel.

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The new bomb–made by Rafael Advanced Weapons Systems–is called autonomous and system-protected jamming and electronic warfare.

The bomb was recently used in a series of IAF tests, the results of which were presented to Defense Secretary Benny Gantz.

The IAF has held four large -scale exercises simulating attacks on Iran over the past month.
The first exercises included confronting Iran’s radar and detection systems, such as those protecting its nuclear installations. The second includes simulated long-range combat flights – in this case to destinations in Europe.

Other drills include defensive measures against cyber weapons and electronic warfare systems, which Iran can use to undermine Israeli military operations.