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Israel Folau maintains his homophobic remarks and says he is ready to stop rugby

The back of the XV of Australia, Israel Folau, was again the author of homophobic utterances. – Ryan Hiscott / JMP / REX / Shutterstock / SIPA

Behind Israel Folau, expelled from the XV of Australia
for discriminatory statements, including homophobic statements posted on Instagram, insisted in an interview published on Sunday and said he was prepared to end rugby if that was the will of God.

During the Sydney Morning Herald Asked him if he regretted his remarks after the fierce controversy triggered by the latter, Folau replied, "Absolutely not, I'll stick to what the Bible says, I'll share it with love, I can do the other side see the medal with reactions that completely contradict what I said.

The Australian Federation says stop

Whatever his will is, whether I want to keep playing or not, I'm more than happy to do what he wants me to do (…) If he does not want me to keep playing "That's it," the player added to the 73 selections that the Australian rugby association announced on Friday to end its contract and the ability to defend itself against a disciplinary committee.

The 30-year-old Christian passionate evangelist reacted strongly after posting a message on his Instagram account. "Drunk people, homosexuals, adulterers, liars, kidnappers, thieves, atheists, idolaters, hell waiting for you, go back! Only Jesus can save you," wrote the back of the Wallabies in a post published Wednesday.

Folau had already objected to the legalization of same-sex marriage in his country, which was passed by Parliament in late 2017, before reaffirming in April 2018 that hell was waiting for homosexuals if they did not repent of their sins. Convicted, but not sanctioned, Folau re-released a video a month later, warning an American evangelist of same-sex marriage and referring to "indescribable sexual perversions."




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