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Israel-Gaza, the secret and relentless fight between Hamas and Mossad- Corriere.it

by archyw

February 16, 2003. Nidal Farahat at work in a Gaza workshop on a drone model purchased on the civilian market. With him some Hamas militants, all members of the apparatus engaged in the development of weapons. Moments later they are torn apart by a bomb hidden in the mini-aircraft, a trap organized by Mossad.

Continuous efforts

The targeted murder the first in a long campaign of Jerusalem to neutralize the men involved in the rocket development program. At the time, the Kassams, costing around $ 300, had a range of about a dozen kilometers. The death of Farahat is a symbolic loss, but it does not stop the plans of the factions. On the contrary, efforts are increasing to have better systems. In 2009, Palestinian officials imported Faj missiles with the assistance of Iranr. The cargoes arrive by ship in Sudan, continue along the smugglers’ tracks towards the Egyptian Sinai to be then transferred to Gaza. a network that exploits old routes, clan complicity and the tolerance of the local regime. so they get bullets with a range of 60 kilometers.

A double hit

Israel reacts with its usual methods. In January 2009 the news of an air raid against a convoy of trucks in the Sudanese region of al Shananun came out, information talks about the transport of arms, even the US is suspected. Instead it was the Israelis who were also responsible for the sinking of a freighter near Port Sudan. In December of the same year, a mysterious explosion involved a bus in Damascus. On board were experts from Hamas and Iranians, all involved in the rearmament plan within the framework of a strategic pact. Pasdarans provide finished material and technology, they perform the function of advisors while the ally sets up its own industry with inventiveness and determination given the conditions in Gaza. The Iran-Hebzollah-Gaza axis never stops, the leaders themselves admit.

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Operation in Dubai

Not even a month passes and a sensational blow arrives: the assassination in a Dubai hotel of Mahmoud al Mabhouh. The victim plays a crucial role in the military supply chain, he travels a lot, Tehran’s interlocutor and trusted personalities in Sudan. The killers use a lethal substance, they hope that the death is attributed to a heart attack. Local police don’t sleep, denounces the Mossad plot, publishes photos of those responsible. Media show to warn Jerusalem. Great scandal, protests, reproof. Nothing more, the headhunters just wait for a calmer moment. They returned to Ukraine on 11 February 2011 when they kidnap Diran Abu Sisi, an engineer, expert in the missile field in Eastern Europe, on a train. They take him to the Jewish state, lock him in a cell and get important information. Which are probably used for a new one strike in Port Sudan in early April: the target is the alleged successor of al Mabhouh. And at the end of May, still in the Sudanese port, Nasser Said, a member of the Abada clan, presented as one of the pivots of the trade, blows up. They spend a couple of months and in Damascus they find the semi-carbonized body of Kamel Ranaja, indicated as an arms dealer and part of the external structure of Hamas. Other sequence: on 24 October 2012 the Sudanese accuse Jerusalem of having bombed an ammunition factory in Yarmuk with fighters. Indiscretions add that containers of Iranian origin have been destroyed.

Without respite

a relentless fight, because the Palestinians in every confrontation reveal more powerful pieces, extend their range, hide them better. Capabilities that provoke intelligence counter-moves. In 2016, a sophisticated operation eliminates Mohamed Zawahri, a Palestinian driving drones in Sfax, Tunisia. They overcome his caution under the pretext of a (fake) interview. The ambush of April 2018 is even farther from the theater: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, where he falls under fire from a pair of hitmen Fadi al Batsh. Originally from Gaza, a researcher at a Malaysian university, he was engaged – the media will write – in studies on drones, rockets and underwater tactics.

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Double reading

The secret war of the Mossad deprived the enemy of thinking heads, blocked the Sudanese path, hindered the logistic line, confirmed a capacity for intervention far from the borders, perhaps prevented more precise missiles from arriving. Not for being able to prevent the militants from getting what they wanted: means not comparable to the opponent’s power, however sufficient to maintain the challenge. Yesterday the Jerusalem Post he reproached the establishment for having allowed Hamas to improve its devices in quality and quantity. The announcements about new surprises for the Jewish state, net of propaganda, tell how far they have come since Nidal Farahat prepared the first explosive pipes.

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