Israel is ready to attack the Syrian S-300 complexes if they hit Israeli targets. This was announced at a meeting with journalists by the Minister for Jerusalem Affairs, the Protection of the Environment and the Cultural Heritage of Israel, Co-Chairman of the Russian-Israeli Intergovernmental Commission Zeev Elkin.

He fears that if used incorrectly, the C-300 could be shot down by civilian aircraft. “Air transportation in this region may be endangered,” RIA Novosti quotes.

The minister also noted the large range of the S-300, which covers the entire territory of Israel. "The Syrians, if they wish, may try to shoot down a military plane over the territory of Israel or even a civilian plane," said Elkin. He stressed that, as a rule, when attacking its territory or airplanes, Israel responds "not with international demarches, but with practical actions that will undoubtedly occur in such a case."

Responding to a clarifying question, against whom Israel will act if S-300 in Syria hits Israeli targets, Elkin said: "Against installations from which Israeli territory or Israeli aircraft will be fired. I really hope that there will be no Russian specialists there."

Recall that in the framework of the delivery of the S-300 system, Russia transferred 49 units of equipment to Syria. Such steps were taken by Moscow in response to the downed IL-20 over the Mediterranean Sea. According to the Minister of Defense of Russia Sergey Shoigu, the strengthening of the air defense systems of the SAR is aimed primarily at protecting the Russian military.

According to the Syrian military expert, retired General Ali Maksud, the appearance of D-Smash’s Russian S-300 air defense system will change the balance of power in the region and will become the main deterrent for Israel.

The S-300 anti-aircraft missile system is capable of intercepting air attack weapons at a distance of over 250 kilometers and simultaneously hit several air targets. According to experts, due to high noise immunity and rate of fire, the air defense system will significantly enhance the combat capabilities of the Syrian air defense.



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