Israel is criticized at the UN for massacres in Gaza, but is backed by the EU


GENEVA.- Israel was strongly criticized this Friday in the human rights body of the UN for his slaughter of protesters in Loop and for his treatment of the Palestinians, but Washington defended him. The special session of the Human Rights Council was called after the bloodiest day in years for the Palestinians last Monday, when 60 of them were shot by Israeli soldiers during demonstrations that, according to Israel, included attempts to break their border fence. “No one is more secure with the horrifying events of the last week, “UN Human Rights Chief Zeid Ra’ad al-Hussein told the council, adding that since 30 March, Israeli forces have killed 106 Palestinians, including 15 children. More than 12 thousand Palestinians have been injured, 3 thousand 500 of them by real ammunition. According to Ra’ad, Israel is an occupying power under international law, obliged to protect the people in Loop and to ensure their well-being. “But they are, in essence, caged in a toxic dump from birth to death, devoid of dignity, dehumanized by the Israeli authorities to the point that (Israeli) officials do not even consider that these men and women have the right, besides all the reason, to protest, “he said. Israel says the deaths occurred in protests organized by Hamas, the militant group that controls Loop , which would have provoked violence intentionally, an accusation that the group denies. Israel Y U.S they affirm that the Human Rights Council, composed of 47 countries chosen by the General Assembly, has a permanent anti-Israel bias due to the disproportionate number of countries hostile to the Jewish State with positions in the UN . Israeli Ambassador Aviva Raz Shechter said that the council had fallen back into its worst form of anti-Israel obsession and that the call for an investigation was “politically motivated and will not improve the situation on the ground in an iota.” “The loss of lives could have been prevented if Hamas had refrained from sending terrorists to attack Israel under the cover of demonstrations, exploiting at the same time its own civilian population as human shields, “he declared. “Is Israel , certainly not Hamas, who tries to make a real effort to minimize casualties among Palestinian civilians, “Raz added. Washington squared with Israel before the climate of violence experienced this week, which coincided with the opening of a new US embassy in Jerusalem. Two million people live in Loop , most of them descendants of stateless refugees who fled or were expelled from their homes in what is now Israel when the Jewish State was founded in 1948.


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