Jan to Ahmar. Israeli forces carried out a raid on Thursday around Jan al Ahmar, a Palestinian Bedouin village in the occupied West Bank, whose demolition was approved last week by Israel, checked an AFP photographer.

The arrival of a hundred soldiers before dawn fears the imminent destruction of the town.

The Israeli army seized several prefabricated houses installed there by defenders of Jan al Ahmar, and they withdrew.

No confrontation between Israeli and Palestinian soldiers was reported. The military established a safe area between the prefabricated houses and the town to avoid collisions, the AFP photographer found.

After years of judicial battle, the Israeli Supreme Court last week gave the go-ahead for the demolition of Jan al Ahmar, a town with houses made of metal and fabric in which about 200 Bedouins live.

For organizations that oppose the occupation of the West Bank, as well as for the European Union and the UN, this case goes beyond Jan al Ahmar. According to them, the future of thousands of other Bedouins in the territory is at stake.

They also fear that the destruction of that town opens the way to new colonial constructions in a strategic sector, since that operation could allow the expansion and linking of large blocks of colonies around Jerusalem.

Such an operation could end up encircling Jerusalem and restricting access by Palestinians from the West Bank to the eastern part of the Holy City, further complicating the creation of a Palestinian state, according to Bedouin advocates.

The Palestinians want to convert East Jerusalem, annexed by Israel, in the capital of the state to which they aspire.

Source: AFP



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