Israel will close three days border crossings with Gaza and the West Bank

Israel will close three days border crossings with Gaza and the West Bank

Israel announced that it will close all border crossings with the territories Palestinians from Gaza and the West Bank for three days, for the days of the Day of Remembrance for the Fallen and Victims of Terrorism and Independence Day, which are commemorated between April 17 and 19.
The closure will start at midnight on Monday 16 and continue until midnight on Thursday, 19, confirmed an Israeli army spokeswoman.
During all this time, according to the same spokesperson, the Army along with the Office of Coordination in the Territories (COGAT) -the agency that is responsible for the management of civilian aspects in the occupied Palestinian territories-, will open the steps only in case emergency humanitarian, medical or exceptional circumstances.
Israel usually imposes this type of closure on festivities or solemn days of the Hebrew calendar, such as Yom Kippur, Passover or the festival of Purim.
The Israeli population will commemorate on Tuesday the national day of remembrance for the soldiers and officers who died in service as well as victims of terrorism, with official visits and events to cemeteries and the hooting of the air-raid siren across the country before noon, in memory of the deceased.
At the end of the day of mourning, the festivities of the 70th anniversary of the founding of the State of Israe l, according to the date of the Hebrew calendar.
The celebration will open with an official ceremony in which 14 torches will light and continue for 70 hours, for the emblematic figure of the birthday, with fireworks, concerts, marches, dances and an exhibition in charge of units of the Israeli Air Force.
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With information from EFE.

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