Israeli doctor develops corona drug: is that the cure?

Dr. Arber explains the active ingredient

Dr. Nadir Arber, Director of the Tel Aviv Sourasky Medical Center for Cancer Prevention Center, has developed a drug that enables corona patients to get help quickly. The first tests and a study are already running – the interim results are positive. With Dr. Arber and visited some of his patients.

34 out of 35 patients are healthy again at home

EXOCD24 – that’s the name of the drug that means hope for corona patients. It regulates the messed up immune system of those affected and works directly in the lungs. It is already being tested in an Israeli hospital.

The first phase of the clinical study has been completed, now comparative tests are coming and then the developers are hoping for rapid approval and mass production at home and abroad. Phase 1 has been very successful so far: Of 35 patients who were moderately to severely ill and who took it, 34 were cured and returned home within four days.

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