We offer you the latest news in the following article: Israeli politician: No enmity between us and Assad, he protects our borders, quoting the site of the Egyptians, on Monday, 9 July 2018. Syrian journalist Hadi Al-Abdullah published an interesting video clip of an Israeli politician who expressed his country’s opinion frankly in Bashar al-Assad.

Al-Abdullah commented on the video saying: An Israeli politician from Tel Aviv says: “The soldiers of Bashar al-Assad protect our borders. We are enemies and we have no quarrel with Bashar al-Assad. We are not going to return Bashar and protect our borders as he did in the past. We thank you to the visitors and visitors of Al-Akhbar News Portal for their trust and presence. We also promise you to provide all new and important news from all reliable sources. We have been transferred (Israeli politician: no enmity between us and Assad, he protects our borders), and the source is responsible for the news. Source: Egyptians


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