Istres and Martigues are at the top of the “cities where to invest with your feet in the water”

This is a classification proposed by Gridky, a comparator of new real estate on the market. Istres and Martigues are at the top of the French cities where to invest to have “the feet in the water”. The two cities have the best rate of return.

The coronavirus crisis has made many French people want to settle in more peaceful corners. Investing by the sea, lake or ocean has become a privileged choice to obtain rental income, but also to use it as a second home. Gridky, the leading comparator of new real estate, has identified the 20 cities most conducive to waterfront investment, for a budget ranging from € 93,000 to € 230,000. And we find at the head Istres and Martigues!

To establish this ranking, Gridky evaluated the performance of the various investments that are offered by real estate developers. This analysis “was based on the following 5 criteria: rental profitability, protection against rental risks, attractiveness of the district, potential for capital gain in the long term, ease of resale. This top 20 was produced by selecting the cities obtaining at least an above-average score on each of these 5 criteria. These cities therefore all offer balanced investment opportunities guaranteeing attractive performances from all points of view. They were then ranked according to their average profitability. offer (on all goods for sale) including tax leverage “.

For Mathieu Morio, co-founder of Gridky: “near the Berre and Olivier ponds, Istres is the city with the most interesting profitability (6.2%), with real estate programs benefiting from very reasonable prices ( very close to the price of the old one) and also giving an interesting prospect of capital gain in the long term in the event of resale. Istres benefits from dual access to bodies of water (pond nearby and sea not far away) and offers a city oriented on nature, while being quieter than the more prominent (and more populated) seaside resorts of the Mediterranean coast … Martigues also offers some of the best investment opportunities (6.1% return ) with its canals and its ideal location between Etang de Berre and Côte Bleue. Lazing around is far from the only possible activity, and the city benefits from dynamic employment areas, particularly because of its proximity to Marseille and Aix-en -Provence. The potential for added value at term It is also particularly interesting there with a real estate market on the rise “.

Listen to the interview with Mathieu Morio, co-founder of Gridky (at the microphone of JM Darras)


Istres : 6.2% profitability from 155,000 € for a T2
Martigues : 6.1% profitability from 172,000 € for a T2
Le Havre: 6% profitability from 172,000 € for a T2
La Seyne sur Mer: 5.8% profitability from 158,000 € for a T2
Vallauris: 5.8% profitability from € 169,000 for a T2
Cogolin: 5.6% profitability from 167,000 € for a T1
Bignanos: 5.5% profitability from 194,000 € for a T2
Biscarosse: 5.5% profitability from 136,000 € for a T1
Saint-Malo: 5.3% profitability from 167,000 € for a T2
Aytré: 5.3% profitability from 190,000 € for a T2
Saint-Raphaël: 5.3% profitability from € 93,000 for a T1
Thonon les Bains: 5.2% profitability from € 220,000 for a T2
Vitrolles : 5.2% profitability from 168,000 € for a T2
Hyères: 5% profitability from 193,000 € for a T2
Urrugne: 4.8% profitability from € 227,000 for a T2
Capbreton: 4.8% profitability from 202,000 € for a T2
Slats: 4.8% profitability from 230,000 € for a T2
Pornichet: 4.8% profitability from € 207,000 for a T2
La Rochelle: 4.7% profitability from € 129,000 for a T2
Publish: 4.4% profitability from 221,000 € for a T2

Founded in 2019 by four expert real estate partners, Gridky plans to re-rank each summer. More information on

(photo credit F. Delena – maritima media)


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