Istres beaches: take your towels, go!

In Istres, the 4 beaches of the Etang de Berre, more precisely those of Monteau, Varage, Ranquet and Romaniquette have been officially open since June 15.

All the beaches in Istres have been officially open since June 15th. If for those, “wild”, of Monteau and Varage nothing distinguishes the front after, it is much more obvious for the beaches of Ranquet and La Romaniquette, equipped with sand, amenities and their station. relief already open. On the other hand, for the latter 2, the devices linked to Covid-19 have forced the municipality, in order to respect physical distancing, to set up a gauge which limits the number of people: 400 at Ranquet and 800 at La Romaniquette. Number defined according to the surface area of ​​each place offering 4 m2 per user. A concept of so-called “responsible” beach: a guard and mediators are responsible for explaining it to the aficionados of the Etang de Berre “ in a friendly manner », Specifies Nicolas Davini, the DGS of the City of Istres. Suffice to say that during the weekends of good weather and for the whole summer period, it will be necessary to get up early to bask there, the ransom of glory for these 2 beaches so much appreciated by the population.

For the rest, the operation remains usual: the rescuers of SDIS13 are present until September from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. On the hygiene side, the “sieve” spends three times a week filtering the sand in addition to the 2 daily cleanings, while the Gipreb very regularly analyzes the bathing water, the results posted at the first-aid station and on …! Small flat for lovers of the open-air café in the evening, the problems linked to the pandemic have prevented “Le pointu” from settling. It is possible that a food-truck is installed instead.

The success of these beaches year after year gives meaning to the extension of La Romaniquette envisaged by the municipality. A medium-term project, studies and financing oblige.

In video Nicolas Davini, Director General of Services for the City of Istres.


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