Istres – Coronavirus – Istres: a case of Covid 19, closure of two media libraries

A metropolitan agent from the Istres media library was diagnosed positive for COVID 19. The reaction of the management of the inter-municipal media library and the general directorate of territorial services was immediate by asking the Regional Health Agency which has under its responsibility for the implementation of the sanitary protocol provided for this purpose. The Mayor and President François BERNARDINI followed and accompanied the system as closely as possible and made the decision to proceed with the closure from this day of the media libraries in Istres, Entressen (adults and youth) as well as that of the Loan Service. to Communities for 10 days. Consequently, the establishments will be closed to the public from this Friday July 24 until Saturday August 1 inclusive. They will reopen their doors on Tuesday August 4 at the usual times.In full transparency and in order to anticipate the spread of unfounded rumors which unfortunately become widespread in this type of situation, the Mayor and President François BERNARDINI hoped that this closure could bring together the conditions for a return to normal as quickly as possible. The disinfection of the premises with virucide and the monitoring of agents in contact with their colleagues will, of course, be scrupulously followed by and with the support of the Regional Health Agency, empowered to apply government directives.

Press release from Istres-Ouest Provence


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