István Szilágyi’s killer may receive millions in prison

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St. Peter you can get the remaining amount from the auctioned house of your parents, this is approx It can mean HUF 6 million. The man who is currently serving his prison sentence for killing his father István Szilágyi. The actor died on May 3, 2020.

Photo: Ripost

At the end of last November, Péter Sz. was sentenced to life imprisonment. Regardless, he became the heir to the house in which the tragedy took place. Since the death of the actor’s widow, Jolán Humenyánszky, the building has been infested with rats and cockroaches. A HUF 30 million loan was taken out for the house, the property was in the name of the actor’s widow, so Péter Sz. could inherit it.

Sz. Péter can inherit millions.
Photo: Ripost

The bank recently held the auction, bidding started at HUF 27 million. In the end, the buyer obtained the plots at a discount of 36 million. Ripost asked the widow’s former representative what happens in a case like this or similar. Dr. Daniel Tranwho by the way accepted to represent Aunt Joli for free at the time, said that Péter Sz. can get the difference between the sale price and the loan amount even behind bars.

When a property is auctioned, the asking price is usually not adjusted to the demand. The amount can be 50 or even 70 percent less than the appraised value, if, for example, the bank or the claim manager wants to get to your money quickly. At the same time, if the amount collected at the auction exceeds the amount of the claim, the remaining part belongs to the legal heir. Of course, you still have to pay the costs incurred during the procedure, and if there were, say, utility arrears on the affected property, but the rest must be handed over to the rightful

explained the lawyer.

István Szilágyi's house.
Photo: Ripost

Thus, Sz. Péter can even receive millions. Because the amount of bank and other debts is HUF 30 million, and the amount of management costs and other entitlements probably does not exceed the HUF 6 million difference. Prisoners can receive money through their contact person, which the inmate receives from the bv. can be used during a meal provided by the institute, for example to buy necessities, to make phone calls, etc. to settle the debt – wrote a Riposte.

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