It all started with stories. Dream Teller gives listeners a music album / Article

Asked how the Dream Teller association felt before the long-awaited reunion with the audience, Kristīne Cīrule answers on the Latvian Radio program “Kultūras rondo”: ” At least for me.) I’m very, very much looking forward. We’re both very much looking forward to it. will be very beautiful. “

The two started playing music together six years ago. Kristīne remembers that Edgars Cīrulis, hearing him sing on the stage of “Riga Jazz Stage”, later invited him to play something at the Academy of Music. He adds: “We played freely, and then we formed the first alliance between John Rubik, Christine and me, called ‘Search for Light.’

The year 2020 became quite important for Dream Teller. When the pandemic started, both Kristine and Edgar Ciruli returned from study abroad. “The spring period was very full of nature, with walks, and then there was a desire to start writing songs,” says the composer and vocalist of the association. The album was made in about two years. It is easier to specify the end date – it will be May 18, when the album will be officially released. Edgars continues: “The creation of the album is already very natural, the songs come as fast or as slow as they want to come. The recording process was also interesting, because we did it separately from home due to several known circumstances.

At first, it wasn’t even meant to be an album – but rather a way to not only fill time, but to fill time meaningfully and create something together, to continue the spirit of music when it wasn’t possible. “

12 musicians have been involved in recording the album. “The process was really long. There are a lot of people involved. There are some who only appear for short moments in some of the songs. They are all very, very important, close friends in both music and life,” emphasizes “Dream Teller” pianist and vocalist. It is difficult to describe the songs included in the album in one word, but the unifying is definitely the genre of singers. “Because it all started with stories. That is the main source of everything else,” explains Kristīne Cīrule. “Our strength is that Christine and I come from a very wide musical world. We love jazz as much as we love classical, contemporary and popular music. The leading motto is – all good music is good music,” says Edgar. ,

“In this album, we don’t single out one genre. We’re just trying to honestly justify what’s in our ears, in our inner hearing; that’s how we hear how those stories should be dressed in music.”

Four more will be added to Kristīne Cīrule’s voice during the album presentation concert. “It will be very glamorous. We can’t expect it to sound like it all together,” she reveals. “Dream Teller” is one of the first to sing the new ATTA Center concert hall.

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