It became clear how long Levski’s future partner will pay the millions to the National Revenue Agency


The repayment of the debt to the National Revenue Agency from the accounts of Levski’s future partner will continue for four years. The financial company, which will buy the club’s debts to the revenue agency, will remove the millstone from the shoulders of the Blues, who will no longer be directly related to this payment line, which is in the amount of about 12 million BGN. This amount includes a large principal, as well as huge amounts of interest. In practice, a total of about BGN 3 million will regularly enter the NRA coffers in one year, and so on for another 3 years.

The new big partner of the blues for 4 years will have a serious percentage participation in Levski’s club store, as well as in online sales. In this way, the company will guarantee some kind of return, part of the partnership will perhaps be in the form of advertising and direct sponsorship./ “Topic sport”