It became clear which is the new one of Valeri Bozhinov – Gossip

The colorful football player Valeri Bozhinov stabbed a mother with a child, writes “Telegraph”. Velislava Milanova is Bozhinov’s new one.

From the profile of the lady on Facebook it is clear that she is a supporter of plastic surgery, that her visible age is about 40 years. She is the mother of one child – a teenage girl. Most of the photos in the blonde’s posts are locked. The last one that can be seen is from the beginning of March and according to acquaintances it is from the footballer’s car.

We remind you that Valeri recently got a sporty luxury Audi, with a brown leather interior, just like the one in Velislava’s photo. Witnesses to the meetings between the two revealed that the Goddess was often spotted walking in one of the capital’s malls hand in hand with the big-breasted lady. Valerie was quite generous and bought her luxury clothes from branded stores.

A check on social media shows that Valeri is following Velislava on Instagram. This is strange, because among all the profiles he follows are the mothers of his children – singer Alicia and playmate Nikoleta Lozanova, as well as several famous ladies from the sport.