It became known how much Dynamo and SC Dnipro-1 earned in European competitions

“Dynamo” in the current season of European competition has earned for participation in two tournaments. The first part of the income came from participation in the Champions League qualification, where the people of Kiev reached the playoffs of the qualification, for which they were able to receive 5 million euros.

The second part is for participation in the Europa League. Dynamo received 3.63 million euros for reaching the group stage of the Europa League. Another almost 3.83 million euros – for the team’s rating over the past 10 years. Performances in the tournament brought as much as 210 thousand euros – the “white-blue” tied in one match, losing the rest. In general, the performance in the Europa League enriched the Dynamo treasury by 7.668 million euros.

Dnipro-1 received 5.24 million euros for participation in the Conference League. 2.94 million euros came from entering the group, another 1.67 million euros the Ukrainian club will receive according to the results of the performance in the group. 325 thousand euros “Dnepr-1” will receive for the second place in the group and another 300 thousand – for reaching the playoffs of the Conference League.

Recall that Shakhtar received 42 million for the Champions League.