“It came out in a new direct broadcast from the intensive care” .. The Syndicate of Doctors in Dakahlia attacks “Dough”

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Differences were renewed between the Dakahliya Doctors ’Syndicate and MP Elhami Ajinah, member of Parliament from the Belqas district, after he broadcast a live video on his official page on the social networking site Facebook, from within the intensive care of Belqas Central Hospital.

The Medical Syndicate of Dakahlia issued a statement in which it said: “Her legal team monitored, the MP filmed a live broadcast video inside the intensive care of Belqas Central Hospital in the presence of the patient and published the video on the personal page of Belqas’s deputy, and although he deleted the video from the page, he still bears responsibility So legal. »

In its statement, the union charged the deputy with, among other things, “disclosing the secrets of the patient from the director of Belqas Hospital in the published video, in violation of laws and professional ethics, and failure to adhere to anti-infection standards while visiting intensive care and sitting in the care of his inappropriate way.”

The Syndicate announced that an attached memorandum was submitted to the Speaker of the House of Representatives to include it in the memorandum previously submitted to the Speaker of the House of Representatives for the visit of the Belqas Deputy to the Sherbin Central Hospital, and to submit a complaint to the General Prosecutor of Dakahlia regarding these violations that occurred from the deputy in the Belqas Central Hospital to include them in the previous investigations of Sherbin Hospital.

She emphasized calling the director of Belqas Hospital to the Medical Syndicate in Dakahlia to investigate the violations he had committed and will continue to take all legal steps to amend the course and preserve the prestige of the profession.

It is noteworthy that a previous dispute broke out between the syndicate and the deputy after his visit to Sherbeen Central Hospital last week, and he went out in a live broadcast from inside the hospital and insulted the doctors.

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