it costs him dearly on instagram

Kylian Mbappé’s new feint brought down a whole city this weekend. While the player of the French team was about to sign at Real Madrid, his supposed dream club, he finally made the decision to continue the adventure with PSG by renewing his contract there. A decision that took everyone by surprise and which did not remain without consequences.

Kylian Mbappé stays at PSG but loses fans

Indeed, where the attacker has seen many new zeros added to his bank account thanks to a monstrous signing bonus (we are talking about 100 million euros) and a salary to make Scrooge cry (we speaks of 50 million euros per year), its counter of subscribers, on the other hand, experienced a dizzying fall.

It was the program El Chiringuito which revealed the information, the friend of Karim Benzema – who would not be very happy with this career choice, quite simply lost 700,000 followers in 24 hours on Instagram and until 900,000 subscribers to date. Suffice to say that if Kylian Mbappé assures today that he still has so much respect for Real Madrid and that he will be “their first supporter for the Champions League final“, the footballer is clearly no longer welcome in the Spanish capital after having disappointed an entire people.

Well, we reassure you anyway, he still has 70.9 million loyal subscribers on Instagram, which should be …

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