“It could well be a stationary speed camera” – letters to the editor Breisgau


On September 28th we reported on a citizens’ initiative criticizing the traffic in Burg-Birkenhof. We received a letter from the editor about this:

In the last paragraph of a BZ article, one learns quite casually that the east connection of the municipality of Kirchzarten will be closed to general traffic at the end of 2022. The residents of the municipality of Kirchzarten should take the detour via the B 31. In order to get to the neighboring town of Buchenbach, for example, the people of Kirchzarten should first drive west, to the entrance to the B 31, and then get stuck in a traffic jam on the B 31 to the east (before the narrowing of two lanes to one lane). . That’s not proportionate.

Of course, car traffic makes noise. But this applies to many streets in the municipality. If we now start blocking the connecting roads within the municipality for non-residents, then many other roads in the municipality would also have to be declared residential roads for reasons of equal treatment. And how do you deal with the inevitable avoidance traffic? Not everyone in our community has the privilege of living in a 30 km/h zone, as is the case in Burg-Birkenhof. Instead of immediately blocking traffic, please enforce the 30 km/h speed limit there, i.e. verify the actual extent of the alleged speed violations using radar equipment and punish violations. It could well be a stationary speed camera. This limits the problem much better than a resident regulation, which experience has shown is difficult for the police to control, see Basler Straße in Freiburg. Kristian Raue, Kirchzarten

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