It evokes Putin’s messages on Piombino in order to counter the regasification plant

It is easy to say “regasification”. The real problem is then being able to make it happen. Perhaps Minister Cingolani, when he announced a ship for liquid natural gas (LNG) in Piombino in April, had not taken into account some factors. The Nimby syndrome, but above all the possibility that, in order to say “no”, the M5S would have even hypothesized the destruction of the city by a Putin missile. According to the regional councilor of Tuscany Silvia Noferi, in fact, the presence of the Golar Tundra will transform Piombino “into a sensitive target in the event of a Russian military attack” and “if a missile were dropped on the port, a devastation of proportions would be created with the regasification ship. epochal “. It is actually difficult to imagine that one of the Tsar’s first military choices is to bomb Piombino to take away only 5 billion cubic meters of gas a year. Certainly, critics will say that – apart from the torpedo – with a unit loaded with 170 thousand cubic meters of gas there will be some “explosive” risk.

But it’s not true. According to the company that manages the Livorno offshore plant, in fact, LNG is not flammable except under very particular conditions: “When it comes into contact with fire, LNG does not explode, but creates a lazy flame that evaporates without creating waves of ‘bump’. There is a precedent. In 1984 during the war between Iran and Iraq, the Gaz Fountain ship was hit by 3 missiles and caught fire. “The crew – explains Olt Offshore – managed to put out the fire and recover 93% of the gas load without incident”.

However, the path to the Tuscan regasification terminal remains paved with stumbling blocks. Today at 3 pm there is a fiery City Council with a demonstration and loudspeakers in the square. The parties are almost all against it and urge us not to take the outcome of the approval process “for granted”. In theory, there will be an accelerated procedure (120 days instead of 200) and the environmental assessment will not be required, but Snam’s project will still have to acquire 30 opinions. If there are no “guarantees of security”, Governor Giani has already promised that he will not sign anything. With all due respect to the energy needs of Italy and Putin as well. That he will not be able to waste a missile on Piombino.