It goes viral for showing what supermarkets are like in Cuba

Although it seems that all supermarkets are the same around the world, the reality is that they can change between them depending on the conditions in which the country is.

This was documented by a TikTok user and he explained to us what supermarkets are like in Cuba, as well as recounted his experience as a consumer. The clip was shared on his account and has so far accumulated 2.5 million views and generated different reactions among netizens.

This is how supermarkets are in Cuba

A clip was shared on the @nesty_wtf account showing what supermarkets are like in Cuba. According to the user, to enter one of these supermarkets you must join long lines to buy a product.

Once you access the place you will see that these supermarkets are divided into two floors, on the first you will find all the products for the home such as mattresses and furniture, while on the second floor there are products for personal hygiene such as toilet paper, shampoo and deodorants. . Likewise, there are other products for the home such as trays and cups.

They also have a food area, however, in this space there were only breasts and pork. The value of these products was 16 dollars, which is equivalent to 76.1 percent of the minimum wage. Likewise, in this place there were alcoholic beverages.

In reality, the store had very few products and was very small, so there is no comparison with department stores in other countries. However, the boy pointed out that there are more essential products that should be in these stores according to him; “In my opinion, there are things more fundamental than this, but come on, it’s my opinion,” he added.

In addition, he explained that all products are paid for with Freely Convertible Currency (MLC), which they can get abroad or with people who sell on the street, since Cubans are not paid that way. Likewise, he announced that the MLC is equivalent to 100 Cuban pesos and the minimum wage in this country is 2,100 pesos, that is, 21 MLC, for which he says that if a user had bought two drinks, he would be exceeding the minimum wage.

The video quickly went viral on the platform and already has 2.5 million views, 88.4 thousand likes, 4,813 comments and 4,772 shares.

“It is as if they were frozen in time”

As expected, the video caused different reactions among users who were surprised by the way trade worked in Cuba; “It’s as if they lived frozen in time”, “Communism only works to make those they control rich”, “So they can see the reality of the revolution”, “I can’t understand how the people do nothing to change the government and what’s more, they defend them”, “It seems that they live in 1940”, “They don’t even want to go shopping”, say some comments in the clip.