It happened in La Tuque

Here are your ephemerides, events that have marked the news in recent years in La Tuque,
MAY 2000

The Royal Bank closes its offices in La Tuque

Smurfit-Stone buys the Cartons St-Laurent factory

Minister Pauline Marois will not accept a deficit at the CSSSSM, otherwise the Health Center could be placed in trusteeship.

Mr. Laurent Verreault presents his “success story” to the members of the Chamber of Commerce.

Deputy Jean-Pierre Jolivet presses the accelerator and urges elected municipal officials to consider 2 new routes for the bypass.

The committee for the defense of social rights closes its doors. The president is Ms. Hélène Drolet.

The Troupe “Les Bons Vivants” presents its third theatrical season with 3 comedies written by Gilles Latulipe which will be: “Émilie is eyeful”, “The miracle pills” and “Two and two make four”

Mrs. Johanne Ricard, founder of the “Violonnerie” celebrates her 20 years of work with the 40 students she directs each year during their annual concert.

A major derailment occurs on the bridge over the St-Maurice River at the height of the Beaumont dam. Traffic will not resume for at least a month.

Quebec will absorb a deficit of 5.8 million at the CSSSSM

The Harmonie de Champagnat won 3 gold and one silver at the Festival de Sherbrooke where more than 10,000 people attended these competitions.

Hugo Ricard won the national prize in the Jeunes Desjardins competition, thanks to the initiation of his teacher, Mrs. Nycole Beaumont.

The School Foundation donates $59,000 to La Tuque students, thanks to the desk race and the CIP Special Fund.

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37 choristers from the “Chœur des Aînés” will unite their voices to interpret world music.

Hydro-Québec is investing $287,000 to install a new wastewater treatment system in Lac-Édouard.

Four representatives of Opération Enfant Soleil, Jessica Barker, Vincent Bolduc, Clodine Desrochers and Vincent Graton donated $19,000 to the Carrefour de Santé.