“It hurt you that the Rejection won”

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The actor Cristián de la Fuente used his Instagram account to respond to the comedian Nathalie Nicloux, after including him in a joke of his routine at the Olmué Huaso Festival.

The comedian, who appeared on the first night, named several characters from politics and entertainment, the actor coming out.

“I started thinking about this guy who had told me that I didn’t want to speak to him in inclusive language and I said ‘what the fuck?! but how can it be? This guy is an actor, he is more or less my age, how can an actor, someone sensitive, think like that?’ Then I remembered that Cristián de la Fuente also believes he is an actor and that weá was taken away from me“, Nicloux finished off on stage.

However, the television face did not let it go and the next day he dedicated a message to the humorist through an Instagram story, emphasizing the political difference they have.

In it, he shared an excerpt from Nicloux’s presentation to face the triumph of the Rejection in the Exit Plebiscite: “Tell me that it hurt you that he won the Rejection on September 4, without saying it,” the actor wrote about the video along with an emoji of him laughing.

Cristián de la Fuente was a supporter of the Rejection option during the plebiscite campaign, appearing on television and on social networks supporting it.

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