“It hurts a lot, Ciciliano was up for great things”: Víctor Pacheco

You can’t believe it. Víctor Danilo Pacheco, a prominent Atlantic footballer, still has not come out of his astonishment at the death of ex-footballer Ricardo Ciciliano. Although he was clear that he was in a serious medical condition, ‘Pachequito’ kept the hope that “the bald man”, as he sometimes called him affectionately, would leave the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) of the La Asunción Clinic, recover from his terrible pneumonia and fulfill the great goals that were going through his head.

“It hurts, it hurts a lot. Remember him as a serious guy. I was there for big things, “said Pacheco in dialogue with EL HERALDO.

“We were working with the Government. He was closed in his things, but a serious guy, a leader was always a leader. I had the desire to get ahead, but when God decides one thing, one cannot decide, ”declared Suan’s crack.

“It’s hard, there are no words to express what one might be feeling. I imagine how their relatives will be ”, he added.

Although they never managed to share in a professional team, Pacheco and Ciciliano achieved a very good relationship after retirement. They were part of a WhatsApp group of ex-footballers in which they exchanged jokes, jokes and some ideas about projects.

“Before this happened to him we sucked a cock with ‘el Piojo’ Acuña, Fiorillo and other football people. ‘Cici’ got ready, his dream was to direct, he had his school, but everything was cut short because God wanted it that way, “said Víctor Danilo.

Ciciliano died this Thursday in the ICU of the La Asunción Clinic, where he had been since Monday, August 31. He was taken there from his home after relapsing with pneumonia that had already had him 20 days in the same medical center during that month.

Some time after being discharged, Ciciliano felt bad again and was taken urgently to the La Asunción Clinic on Monday 31, on Friday, September 4, his health condition worsened, with serious respiratory difficulties and there was the need to intubate him. .

The former creative midfielder of Junior, Millonarios, Tolima, Cali, Deportivo Pereira and Bucaramanga, among other teams, kept fighting for his life, but he could not resist and left this next world to turn just 44 years old (next Wednesday 2. 3).



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