“It is a failed and cowardly left”: Maduro charges against Gabriel Boric, Pedro Castillo and Gustavo Petro

Nicolás Maduro described the new leftist Latin American leaders as “cowards” on Wednesday Gabriel Boric, president-elect of Chile, and Pedro Castillo, president of Peru, after both distanced themselves from the Chavista regime.

During a telephone link with the television program “Con el mazo giving”, hosted by the vice president of the Venezuelan Government Party, Diosdado Cabello, Maduro said: “Every day there is a campaign against Venezuela. Out there a cowardly left has emerged that bases its discourse on attacking the successful, victorious Bolivarian model, on attacking the historical legacy, and on attacking me as president”quoted the Peruvian newspaper The Republic.

The Venezuelan stated that Leftist leaders have emerged who “have no morals, they have no level to attack the Bolivarian revolution”in reference to the declarations of Castillo, Boric and the Colombian presidential candidate Gustavo Petro, who have publicly expressed that the Venezuelan road is not the way forward for their nations.

“It is a defeated, failed left, a cowardly left against imperialism, against the oligarchies. And then they want to put on a varnish so that the oligarchies forgive them, and the worst of all is that they are not going to forgive them, none of them. Then they assume the worst face of counterrevolutionaries, of anti-Bolivarians, from some cowardly left that is out there,” Maduro attacked.

peter castlewho came to power in his country thanks to the Marxist Peru Libre party, said during an interview with CNN that he plans to create “a true democratic and open model with Peruvians,” different from the one that prevails in Venezuela, Nicaragua and Cuba, although he avoided calling dictatorships to those governments.

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“I’m not a part of it. And I would not like Peru to become one of those models“added the Peruvian president.

On your side, Gabriel Boricwho will assume the Presidency on March 11, said at the beginning of February in an interview with the Uruguayan radio station M24 Radio that the democratic backsliding in Venezuela has been “brutal” and stressed that this is not his “path”since it aspires to build a “democratic left”.

“I would like to establish an irreducible principle that is the unrestricted defense of human rights, independent of the government in power. We cannot have double standards, we cannot lose ourselves,” he stressed.

“The permanent allegation that certain leftists make to the self-determination of peoples to end up even justifying their deviations or conduct that is inappropriate, such as limitations on freedom of expression, assembly, It’s something we have to face more openly.”Held.

“And this is very sad, but we have to be able to say it: in the situation of Venezuelaby the way, the siege that the United States has had permanently has an impact, but also there has been a setback in democratic conditions that has been very brutalAnd what to say about the economic conditions of life, the exodus of six million Venezuelans is the most reliable proof of that,” Boric said.

“That is not our path and we aspire to build a profoundly democratic left, respectful of human rightswho is capable of being critical of herself,” she specified.

For its part, Gustavo Petrofounding leader of the Colombia Humana political movement and presidential candidate for the 2022 elections, said in an interview published by the magazine Week that Maduro “is a person who is within the leadership of the policy of death.”

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“Maduro’s image is not that of a leftist leader. He is a very conservative member of the most regressive factions in world politics, who are trying to defend that the world remains in a fossil economy,” commented the referent of the Colombian left.