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Home News "It is necessary to change the mode of governance of Paris"

"It is necessary to change the mode of governance of Paris"

To privilege the consultation of the inhabitants, to reform the municipal administration, to gather beyond the divisions … the main axes of action that defend, in a tribune to the "World", the deputy LRM, which plans to present itself at the town hall, and the former adviser to François Hollande, declared candidate.

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Paris City Hall.
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Tribune. Our political stories, our commitments, our temperaments make us different. But our knowledge of Paris, our attachment to our city and our diagnosis of the risks threatening our capital converge.

This convergence does not mean that we will carry the same solutions, the same proposals, the same strategies. But, while the municipal elections will open an important citizen debate for the future of Paris, we find ourselves with a conviction, that it seems important to us to share with the Parisians: it will be appropriate, the moment come, to change the mode of governance of Paris.

To change the governance of Paris is to favor dialogue and consultation rather than decide alone

Exasperated by the politico-administrative entanglement that dilutes responsibilities and creates situations of tension, even confrontation, between different actors, Parisians know that it is by changing the political culture and practice in our city that we will succeed. to provide them with concrete and effective answers.

To change the governance of Paris is to favor dialogue and consultation rather than decide alone. On the issues of the everyday life of the inhabitants, the mayor of Paris can not act unilaterally: improve cleanliness and security, set up a municipal police, it goes through a newfound confidence with the borough councils. Welcoming migrants with humanity in the best conditions and preserving the quality of life of the residents of the current meeting points, this presupposes the end of the deleterious and sterile battle between the city and the state. Improve traffic and develop public transport, this requires renewing the thread of dialogue with the region. Make the air more breathable, act against pollution, it requires cooperation with the municipalities of the Paris metropolis and the departments of Ile-de-France.

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To change the governance of Paris is to involve citizens in the decisions taken throughout the mandate. It is desirable to question them by referendum on major projects that engage their future. It is essential to return to the reports of mandate, abandoned since 2014, the mayor of Paris to go every year in all boroughs, borough mayors going to them in each neighborhood. All will report, in all transparency.

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