“It is not a ruling, but a procedure.” “Al-Shaalan” responds to “Al-Razihan” regarding the suspension of Hamdallah and Hamed Al-Balawi from the Saudi Federation!

Sports Al-Marsad: Sports critic Khaled Al-Shaalan responded to a tweet by sports journalist Bandar Al-Ruzehan regarding temporary measures in the event that a decision was issued by the Saudi Federation to stop Hamdallah and Hamed Al-Balawi.

Al-Ruzaihan said in a tweet via his Twitter account: “If the decision to stop Hamad Allah and Hamed Al-Balawi was issued by the Saudi Federation and the case went to the Sports Arbitration Center and the center stopped the judgment issued under temporary measures, what is their position before the sports community?”

Al-Shaalan responded by saying: 1- Temporary measures are not (a judgment) but rather a procedure based on Article 29/1 of the procedural rules of the arbitration center. 2- Issuance of an order to take provisional measures does not affect the subject matter of the dispute at all, based on Article 29/3 of the same rules. It has nothing to do with acquittal or conviction.”