It is not lacking, but it is needed because “blood transfusions are there every day and there is no blood substitute”

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“Taking into account that the holidays have passed, at this time the deposits are lower, in holiday periods it takes us a while to recover deposits, with which we are in a deposit stage that is a little lower than usual, especially HR negative, what is it that we are suffering from, but even from 0 positive. So it is very important that after the holiday period at the end of the year and the summer, that people are more sensitized to go because that is when it is most needed, they are the most critical moments of the year, when there is a greater shortage of donors”, emphasizes Rafaela López, director of the Cádiz Tissue and Cell Transfusion Center.

For López, “the message should be that blood is needed at all times, that hospital needs don’t care if it’s a holiday, it doesn’t matter if it’s on vacation, it’s the same, that deposits must be maintained, because blood expires, with which it cannot be accumulated (…) what lasts are 42 days and it is a product that cannot be manufactured, that has to be a donation and that has an expiration period, with which storing is not worth it either, for That is why we are saying that during the holiday periods there are fewer donors and, well, maybe you have to be a little more sensitive, but then in reality you need the whole year because the diseases do not rest, and the amount is not being collected of necessary blood”.

For these reasons, and on the occasion of this restart, in 2023, of the blood donation days from the Center for Transfusion, Tejidos y Células de Cádiz, CTTC encourages the population of Ceuta to donate “because it is a necessity and the blood has no substitute.

Tomorrow begins the first day of donation of the six that are carried out annually in the autonomous city

Every two months and one day a team from the Center for Transfusion, Tissues and Cells of Cádiz, CTTC. Headed by Gloria Rivero, it goes to Ceuta to receive blood donations from the city’s inhabitants.

This year 2023 these visits are scheduled for the months of January, March, May, July, September and November, starting tomorrow, Tuesday, January 22. “Right now the planning is to go every two months, enough so that the donor can repeat, of course, it has to be at least one day after completing the two months, which would be 6 outings,” explains Rafaela López.

He also adds that this first collection of donations of the year is very important because during the Christmas holiday periods, and also in the summer, donations drop a lot, taking blood deposits to undesirable minimums, so it is very important to obtain enough blood. in January to be able to bring them to optimal levels in order to avoid any inconvenience due to lack of blood.

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