“It is operated and after 2 or 3 days it dies”

FErnesto Pires remembered his father – who would now be almost 90 years old, since his father was a father at 50 and was 18 years older than the actor’s mother.

The man died when the artist was 17, a victim of pancreatic cancer. “I had never dealt with death itself, in the sense of a close person.“, he recalled, referring that at the time came to “go to a psychologistsomething that everyone should do”.

At the time I started to have anxiety, it must have been because of that [da morte do pai]but even that made me grow“, he added.

The actor said that the departure was a very quick process: “My father dies of cancer, but when they find out he has cancer, he has an operation and after two or three days he dies.“.

“The strongest image I have is of being in bed and having them call from the hospital – they must have said that things were complicated. My mother came to me and told me that we had to go to the hospital because my father was not well . This is the most striking image I have”, he shared.

If my father were alive today, I think he would be proud of the person I am.. I think he’s happy and he should be proud of me, I think so”, he also stressed during the conversation with Daniel Oliveira.

The only thing we’re sure of is that we’re going to die, so we have to know how to live with it.“, these.”Now, of course, it’s needed. I wish I had my father here, there’s no doubt about that“, he said, noting that the memories he keeps of his father “are always of good things”.

“There are specific songs that remind me of my father, there are specific things and always in a good way”, he stressed, adding that he remembers his father “teaching him to be happy and to live”.

“One of the biggest sadnesses when my father found out he was sick was knowing that his cycle here was ending, and he really enjoyed living”, he recalled.

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