“It is such an important subject, it should not be seen as an opportunity to retrain politicians”

Federal MP and former Minister of Health, Maggie De Block (Open Vld), has been chosen to chair a committee of experts created within the framework of the One Health program of the World Health Organization (WHO). This program, which focuses on the interactions between health, humans, the animal world and the environment, is accompanied by a group of international experts responsible for issuing opinions (Technical Advisory Group, TAG for short).

It is this TAG that Maggie De Block, a doctor by training, will be called upon to chair. “I am particularly pleased that the WHO has asked me to chair this advisory group. Belgium has a tradition of international collaboration, and this is more necessary than ever in terms of public health,” she commented on Friday.

A joy that is not shared by Emmanuel André. The microbiologist, who became famous for his expertise during the coronavirus crisis, did not hide his dissatisfaction with this announcement. He denounces the fact that the former Minister of Health “has never published a scientific article on One Health” and that, given her former position, “she cannot claim any contribution on the subject”. “If the WHO wants to gain credibility, it must start with transparent appointment processes for advisers. One Health is such an important subject that it should not be seen as an opportunity to retrain politicians. One Health deserves dedication, vision and expertise. ” It has the merit of being clear.