it is the region of Italy that has administered the most doses

Editorial board
June 27, 2021 2:38 pm

On the day before the farewell to the obligation of the outdoor mask, the Lazio region celebrates the first place in the ranking of doses administered. It is the councilor for health Alessio D’Amato to let the data speak. “Lazio is the first Italian region for the number of immunized population”. D’Amato then continues: “At the moment in the region we have a decrease in incidence equal to 12.83 per 100 thousand inhabitants, we are converting Covid beds, freeing up intensive care and we are witnessing a continuous improvement of all parameters”.

“All this”, continues the commissioner, “is due to a vaccination campaign that continues fast, today we are over 5 million administrations and almost 2 million citizens have completed the vaccination cycle, by 8 August 70% of the Lazio population will be immunized. But this result is also the result of the attention and observance of the rules by citizens who have shown a commendable civic sense “.

A first place for the number of doses administered also celebrated by the governor Nicola Zingaretti: “Thanks to the great team of the vaccination campaign in Lazio for the excellent result. First Italian region for doses administered as a percentage of the population. Now let’s go ahead: with vaccines and 100% tracking. Against the delta variant and to come back to life “. Enrico Letta joins the chorus on twitter: “Congratulations to Zingaretti and the Lazio Region!”.

And the secretary of PD Rome, Andrea Casu, uses even more triumphal tones: “The numbers confirm Lazio led by Nicola Zingaretti, the locomotive of Italy in the vaccination campaign: thanks to the extraordinary work of the women and men of the health care already administered 5 million doses, the percentage of the highest total population in the country “. The President of the Lazio Regional Council Marco Vincenzi expresses his satisfaction: “I thank the health professionals, who made these results possible. Let’s not forget the importance of tracking to contain the spread of variants and responsible behavior, distancing and observance of the rules, by everyone “.